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Price: $425 - 500.00 (Depending on size, distance and type of table, Price can go over $500.00 for a 1 pc. slate & or antique pool table move)

Approx. Time: 4 hours - 5 hours


- Getting new cloth or new rubbers installed at the time of your move, saves money

- Disassemble and reassemble in new location assuring your table is level and ready to play by the time we leave

- We deal with any style/brand table

(We accept cash, check, venmo)

Set up & Level

Price: $300 - 375.00 (Depending on distance and type of table)

Approx. Time: 2 hour - 4 hours



- Table parts and slates must be in the location of set up or an additional charge may be added. 

(We accept cash, check or venmo)


Price: $425 - 500.00 (Depending on type of table, location and type of cloth wanted) We only use quality cloth.

    Simonis cloth increases price maily depending on size and type of simonis cloth wanted. 

Approx. Time: 3 - 4 hours



 - Come to your home or business to install new cloth

 - Level 

 - Save money at the time of a move or with multiple tables re clothed at once

   - Teflon cloth is included in re cloth price, other cloths choices are available, may change total price 

(We accept cash or check, venmo)

Replace Rail Rubbers

Price: $325 - $375.00

Approx. Time: 3 - 4 hours


- Rubbers hard as a rock or soft as a marshmallow need replacing or play will be effected

- Save money getting this service at the time of a move

(We accept cash, check, venmo)

Table Delivery

Prices vary: (Used tables) $890.00 - $1990.00


Approx. Time: 3 hours



- All tables are delivered, installed with new cloth (your choice color) complete with a deluxe accessory kit

- Installed into your home ready to play by the time we leave

- If you ever have a problem after installation (table settles etc.) we will come back in a timely manner to correct any problem


(Once cloth is cut there is no re funds, we accept cash, check, venmo).

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Set up & Level


Replace Rail Rubber

Table Sales with Delivery



We typically service 50 miles from area code 60586.

Out of our limit?


Call, we can work out a price accordingly!

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*No refunds after cloth is cut, once a product is altered from its original condition and or used. All sales are final unless other wise stated.

Shipping: Orders are shipped via UPS/USPS unless expedited shipping is selected when ordering. Any return must be shipped back by customer, unless the product is being returned for defects or workmanship issues, once confirmed before 30 days from the purchase date your money will be refunded after receiving the item(s).