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  - New cloth installed on rails and playing surface. We can provide various cloth quality options and colors.

  - Usually tables require re-level and re-seaming slates and body. Based on last service date and many other factors that can occur. Will increase price accordingly.

    Time: 3-4 hours.

           ............Call for pricing!


Set-up or Disassemble

  - Set-up your table that is already moved into the general area of set-up location.

  - Level, parts/bolts fastened, cloth tight (either re using original cloth or replaced with new), positioned correctly and ready to play again.

- Disassemble pieces, hardware bagged & labeled.

    Time: Set-up 3-4 hours.

            Disassemble 1-2 hours.

      ............Call for pricing!


Rubber replacement

  - Replace rubbers matching your tables correct profile. 

  - Properly fastened & cut to size. 

- Can re-use cloth or replace with one of our new cloth selections.

    Time: 3-4 hours.

      ............Call for pricing!


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Level/ Tune-up

  - We only use accurate levels trusted by professionals.

  - We make sure slate(s) & body is properly aligned and leveled. Seams aligned, even and filled. 

  - Re-fasten frame, slate supports, rail & leg bolts. Realign rails. Tighten pockets & re pull cloth.

 * If only a level or tune-up is needed, it can be scheduled separately.

    Time: 1-3 hours.


          ............Call for pricing!




  - We do buy used tables. Please call/text/email with details and pics. We only purchase slate tables.

  - Selling used tables includes delivery, installation, new cloth, rubbers & accessories.


      (buy pick up) 1-2 hours.

         (sell) 3-5 hours.




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  - We do move 3 pc. slate tables. Disassembling each piece preventing damage, labeling as needed, padding and packing each piece into trailer. Bringing to new location, re using cloth (when able) or save money re clothing during move. Table will be level slates and body, slates even and filled & ready to play again.


      (pick up) 1-2 hours.

         (Install) 3-5 hours.


          ............Call for pricing!



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Pricing Info.

- Pricing ranges from job to job based on job specific details. Contact us for estimated costs. Any prices given are not exact. Extra charges can arise due to unexpected circumstances, requiring  extra time or materials to ensure the job is completed correctly. Some tables need extra time and care. 

Additional info.

- Payments accepted: cash, check, venmo, zelle or card (fees apply).

- All payments are required upon completion of the job.

- Please allow us time to concentrate on task at hand. Dangerous tools and chemicals are required and caution should be taken. We will always stand behind our word & work if issues arise that need a trip back.


We typically service 60 miles from area code 61350.

Out of our limit?


Call, we can work out a price accordingly!

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