Pool Table Maintenance

Pool Tables are like any other high end piece of furniture. They MUST be cared for.

Not to worry we got you covered.....

Wood Body, Leg & Rail Care...

First things first...

-  Dust the pool table regularly. A damp rag makes easy work of wiping down your table.

- Use cleaning products such as lemon oil, citrus pledge, or my personal favorite old english. Make the wood shine again! (*Never use glass cleaner on the wood*)


- Every month or so, tightn the 3 bolts located under each rail. It will usually be a

9 /16th socket or 1/2. Do not crank down just snug, also tighten leg bolts at this time!

Cloth Care...

Next up...

- Alway brush your cloth from the head, name plate, in straight strokes to the other end of the table. (Until teflon coated championship cloth is brushed enough the nap can effect ball roll).               *Never brush in circular motions*

- Always use a cover after each time playing.

- Avoid chalking your cue over table.

- Ensure each cue tip isn't worn down to the "plastic" or it will put holes in your cloth. 

 *Slip tips are available as well as tip repair kits when fixing cue tip*

Pocket Care....

Now for pockets....

- Try to keep pockets out of direct sun light.

- Clean once a year with a leather cleaner, dressing, or armor all.         This will keep them from getting brittle.

- Avoid resting sticks on them.

- Keeping balls evenly distributed after playing, 2-3 balls in each           pocket. Will make/ keep pockets supple.

Accessory Care...

Can't forget...

- Clean pool balls with any mild house hold degreaser, dry & polish       with a clean soft rag.


     * Turle wax rubbing compound, Re new rx work too*

- Cues should ALWAYS be left in a rack to prevent them from curving. Happens from the cue being leaned over time.

- Clean cue sticks with a damp rag and soap.

Moving your table...

Read before moving....

- Moving your table even a foot after installing and leveling your           table can throw off level.

Lifting a table to put a rug under it can not only cause injury but          can throw off level and seams. 

- If you decie you want it moved please call a professional.  

If you need more help contact us today!

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