What do I do about a spill on my table?

First option is to keep all drinks off of the table! If a spill does occur, teflon Cloth such as championship, can be soaked up by quickly putting a rag over the spill. You can sometimes draw a stain out by using a damp rag to dab to stain out.

What is a bridge stick?

A Bridge stick is a mechanical bridge. They are used when a player can't comfortably shoot the cue ball to hit the object ball.

Why should you hire a professional to move your table?

Our specialty is repairing, "miss handled," pool tables because we have seen time and time again damage to a table from trying to move the table improperly and not understanding every bolt on a pool table isn't meant to hold the table together well it's being moved. Especially a slate table, other than that someone can get seriously hurt from the weight of the table dropping down onto someone. (Weight of a table is between 800-1000 lbs) An experienced pool table mechanic will take a table completely apart to ensure there is no damage! There is a lot of things I fix around my house on a daily basis but there are some things that are worth paying for to have done right. I've learned it will cost me double in the long run.

How long does felt last in a home?

Felt can last many years in a home, depending of course if you use a cover, keep drinks away and if its is brushed regularly. Unless your having tournaments in your house, the amount of play a home table gets will keep it lasting up until you decide you want a different color felt.  

-In a Business

We usually replace felt in business's, such as bars, every 6-8 months because of the amount of play it gets.

How long do the rubber bumpers (cushions) last?

Bumpers will last 30 years and on, we have 100 year old antique tables that have their original bumpers still in flawless condition. Unless your table is sitting under a heat vent, in freezing conditions or defected they will stay in great condition.

When to replace cue tips?

Checking your cue tips is critical to ensure the tip isn't sharp, resulting in holes appearing in the cloth. If the tips are worn down to the plastic they definitely need replacing. Once the tip is worn down you can get a tip repair kit, which we sell, or slip tips are easier and will save your felt!

Why choose a slate pool table?

Any table other than authentic slate, not t-slate, b-slate or whatever, will never and I repeat will never be level. You can't level a piece of wood and I've worked on many non-slate tables that people purchased from walmart and such and the wood top will never sit straight, everyone is bowed. They can be great kid tables or for someone that is just starting out. Other than that they lack many qualities of a slate pool table. You can tell if a table is slate by looking up underneath, slate is rock so you should be able to tell the difference. Another way is to try to lift a corner gently grabbing from the body (by a leg), dont lift by holding the rail board they will break off. You will definitely be able to tell the difference in weight, slate being 800-1000 lbs compared to lifting a sheet of plywood.


What to look for when buying your first pool table?

Slate top so it can be leveled correctly, check to see if the rails get bolted down with 3 bolts up under each rail. The legs should also get bolted down to ensure stability, you can even try shaking the table a bit to check how stable it is. Brand can help ensure it is a nice, solid table but as long as the table has these basic qualities you will have an authentic pool table. If your looking for a high end table and want more details please feel free to give us a call! 


How to tell if your cushions need replacing?

Feel your cushion tips individually checking to see if any are hard as a rock or soft as a marshmellow. If they are they will need replacing or it will definitely effect play. We usually always replace all 6 cushions at a time to ensure all of them are in pristine condition, once a couple rubbers go bad the others may be soon to follow. (Throw a ball at one of the side rails so that the ball will bounce to hit every rail cushion. The ball should go around at least 6 times, hitting all the rails, if the ball does then the cushions do not need replacing.


How high should my light be from the pool table?

A light will work properly when it is positioned so that the whole playing surface is illuminated. I'd say 3-4 feet above the center of the table would ensure there are no shadows when playing.

Difference between cloth?

If you have a felt in mind feel free to call and ask about the quality, after over 30 years servicing tables I've pretty much seen it all and if not I will answer cloth questions to the best of my knowledge. Im going to discuss the three most common felts plus the logo cloth. Simonis has many different grades, such as 760, 860, HR. Simonis is what is required on tables that are used in tournaments becasue it is very true cloth meaning worsted wool, higher thread count, nap free to make sure the ball rolls straight every shot. Championship and ProLine are very similar. Championship has a line of wool cloth similar to simonis but the standard is what is used the majority of time for anyone wanting a quality cloth and doesn't want to spend hundreds on simonis. It is thicker than simonis and can sometimes (very) slightly throw off the roll of the ball. If your not playing tournaments on the table, championship or proline is a quality cloth to pick with many color choices and will be tougher if kids or "boozing friends" are playing on it. Championship is even teflon to prevent staining from spilled drinks! Logo Cloth can be a fun change and is definitely a wow factor on a table and or shows your team pride. The draw backs are the price and material upwards to $500 for just cloth not including a table mechanic installation fee and the material is usually very thin and low quality cloth. Another issue is that it can play with your eyes and throw you off when your playing. I've had people call back after we installed it on their table because they didn't like playing on it.

What is a cue ball?

The cue ball, also refered to as the white ball (being the only all white ball on the table). Is the main factor in every game because it is the ball that is used to hit the stripes and solids making shots to hopefully win a game.

What is a two tone re-felt?

It is when the rails and playing surface are two different colors corresponding to a sports team, motorcycle club, bar colors and so on. This is a cheaper but awesome way to change things up instead of paying the $500 for the logo cloth.

What do I need chalk for?

There is chalk that gets applied to the cue tip and chalk for your hands. Cue chalk helps get traction in able to put "english" on the cue ball. Hand chalk helps enable the cue stick to slide easily when taking shots especially if you have sweaty hands.

(Make sure the chalk you use on the cue tip matches the color of the table)

What is "English"?

"English" is a term for the spin you can put on the cue ball to make it bounce back to a certain location after shooting. It is how pool players go on streaks, hitting the cue ball in certain spots to line up for their next shot!

(Training cue balls can help tremendously, learning all the different types of "English" you can use to enhance your game. Purchase one easily online or in store)

What does ball in hand mean?

There are many different games when playing pool a billiard book is a great way to learn the different types. When playing ball in hand, it's referring to when a player hits the cue ball not making contact with any balls or at least two rails. The other player would then put the cue ball wherever they would like on the table.

What does last pocket mean?

Before a pool game starts always discuss rules and ask if your opponent wants to play last pocket. This means once you get down to your last ball and make it in a pocket you must make the 8 ball in that same pocket as your last ball to win the game. If the opponent's last ball goes into the same pocket as your last ball then he must instead get the 8 ball into the diagonal pocket across the table. This way of playing can enhance your skills.

What is a standard cue stick?


Standard pool cues are 57-58" long.

What are the different length cues available and what are they used for?

42", 48", 52", 57", 58" are the most common sizes. There are different length cues for kids to play with or in case you need a shorter cue to make a shot in a tight spot where a 57" cue wouldn't fit because of a wall or post that blocks a shot. Usually everyone has something that can't be avoided without a smaller cue.

What are the different weights for cue sticks that you can purchase?

 18, 19, 20 and 21 oz are normal cue weights, all depending on your preference of what you like to play with.

Different Cue Types?

Graphite is a very common stick and they usually always stay straight. Hard wood sticks can bend from many different factors such as temperature or moisture. One piece heavier cues are usually used for breaking so it doesn't damage the joint in a 2 pc. cue. Cues can all be preferance, skill has a lot to do with how you play. Practice is key with billiards just a game a day can shape you into a great player!

Why is having a stick rack important?

The main and biggest reason is so your sticks dont start to curve permanetly, which will happen if they are left leaning against a wall or any other surface. Leaving them laying on the table or left in a stick rack will prevent curves and keep your cues straight. Not only do they look nice but they can also keep your cues organized and in good shape. Stick racks come in 3 different styles, wall racks, floor racks and corner racks. Racks all vary from how many sticks they can hold. Ive seen some hold 6 sticks and some that hold 20! (We do sell 6 or 8 stick wall racks if needed)