Rubber info.

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MBS Group

Great all around rubber, affordably priced and made to last years. Gives a good bounce making these rubbers a good choice for players of all skill. Available in K-66 & K-55 profiles. Made of 65% natural gum rubber. 

  * Included with our used tables (when stated in tables description).

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Pro Am Cushions

Pro Am Cushions are available in K-66 profile. They are made out of 72% natural gum rubber making them play relatively faster than the standard MBS Group rubbers. Most tables are made to fit the K-66 rubber.


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 * In my opinion to maximize these rubbers speed pair with Simonis cloth !

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Tour Edition 

These cushions are for players that want 100% accuracy and speed. They are made from patent pending dual density material that give them an edge for any skilled player that wants fast play for accurate training.

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       # 8152620713 - Kevin


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Imported from Germany, Artemis is availabe in K-66 profile. These are the top cushion for speed and accuracy trusted by the best players. Artemis is a big jump in terms of price difference between all cushions listed above but is worth every penny. Expect to get ultimate play in terms of speed and accuracy when playing on these full gum rubber  cushions.

 * In my opinion, these are best paired with Simonis cloth !